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When Should You Clean Your Carpet?

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Nobody wants dirty carpets. If you have them installed in your home, then you should schedule them for regular cleaning. You don’t clean carpets only when they appear dirty or if there are people who will come to visit you in your home. It’s good practice to clean your carpets as frequently as possible.

There’s no doubt that installing carpets in your home is expensive. As a responsible homeowner, it is your responsibility to extend their lifespan. To achieve that, there are a few things that you can do. For starters, you can call carpet cleaning professionals.

Some of the key factors that can help you decide whether carpet cleaning is right for you are the number of people living in your home and the foot traffic each area gets. Other considerations will be if there are smoking family members and if some have allergies.

Allergens, Pollution, & Contamination

A couple living inside the house won’t get the carpet as dirty as a house full of children. Consider factors like these when trying to determine the frequency of the professional carpet cleaning. The same goes true if there are smokers at home. It’s highly possible for the smoke to get trapped in the fibers of the carpet. It will also give it a certain odor. If there’s a smoking member of the family, then try to get the carpet cleaned frequently.

If somebody in your family is suffering from allergies, then your carpets need very frequent cleaning. You don’t want those allergy attacks to be triggered by the elements found in the carpet. The carpet tends to trap the allergens in the air. That’s the reason why they need to be cleaned regularly.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Your carpet needs proper maintenance and regular vacuuming so you can extend its lifespan. One other thing that you can do is to put an entry mat near the door to catch dirt before they get into your carpet.

On the average, the carpet inside homes should be cleaned once every year. If you have smokers and allergy sufferers inside the house, twice a year is ideal. The same goes true if your carpet is used heavily. But for home with lighter traffic, carpets may be cleaned every 18 months.

When to Clean Carpets

The most idea time to clean carpets is during late fall. This is because you want all pollutants, oil, and soil to be removed from the carpet before winter sets in. During the winter, your home is most likely to be always closed. It means that the allergens and pollutants in your home would just float in the air.

Clean the carpets during the day, especially when you can leave home for at least eight hours. If you’re going to call professional carpet cleaners, then they will require a few hours’ worth of drying time to get the moisture out.

You don’t want to walk on the carpet right after cleaning them, especially if shampoo is applied. You also don’t want any contaminants to get into contact with the carpet after it has been cleaned so you want to seal your home while the carpet dries.

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